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City Permits for Single-Family Home Projects: Here’s What to Know

Should I obtain a building permit for my single-family home project?

It is a question often asked by homeowners when they plan a construction project in Los Angeles.

The thing is that obtaining a city permit for single-family home projects is a process that comes with a lot of inconveniences. It is one of the main reasons why many people are tempted not to get a city permit. Some homeowners refrain from obtaining building permits to avoid increased taxes.

However, deciding not to get a city permit for your project can be costly. You may have to face many problems in the future if you don’t consider obtaining a building permit for your project.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss a few crucial things you must know before you decide anything in this regard. We will tell you why it is a good idea to get a city permit for your single-family home project. Consider going through the sections below to learn more.

What is a City Permit?

A city permit is a ‘Written Authorization’ that ensures the safety of the construction or improvement work and its compliance with zoning codes.

The process of obtaining permit vary by location. Nevertheless, here are some steps you may have to go through to obtain a building permit for your single-family home project:

  • The first step involves completing and submitting a permit application.

  • Next, you will need to hire an architect who will prepare a site plan for your project.

  • The local building department will review the plans. They may take several days or weeks for it.

Why Should You Obtain City Permits for Single-Family Home Projects?

You may find it very difficult to sell your property if you don’t have a permit. The potential buyers will want to be sure that your house has no safety or quality concerns, and the building permit will give them the assurance that the construction work is done according to the regulations and meets building and zoning codes.

Does Every Project need a Permit?

You need to know that most construction and improvement projects, even the minor ones may require a city permit.

Here are some projects where you may need to obtain a permit:

  • Re-roof Your House

  • Adding Walls

  • Demolishing A Portion Of Your House

  • Adding A Bathroom or Kitchen, etc.

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